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GA500 AC Drive Product Instructions


Title/Number Description File(s)

*GA500 Quick Setup Procedure

This foldout Quick Setup Procedure is packaged with the drive. It contains pictorial instructions on how to mount and wire the drive for an initial test run. The document also contains wire gauge and fuse information, a connection diagram, troubleshooting links, parameter groups, and links to additional resources. 19MB
Installation & Primary Operation
This manual is packaged with the drive and describes basic installation, wiring, start-up, and test operation. Basic troubleshooting and specifications are included.  8MB
Selection Guide
This document contains specification information on the GA500 family of drives and associated accessories.
Use this document as a companion to the GA500 Price Book or to quickly identify product specifications and option information.

This document contains consolidated information for programming the drive.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting
This document contains information needed to maintain and troubleshoot the drive. 10MB
Technical Reference
This document is a consolidated, in-depth technical reference for the drive. 29MB
Product Transition Guide V1000 to GA500
Product Transition Guide, V1000 to GA500 AC drive. Document compares the GA500 Drive and prior generation V1000, to enable V1000 users to plan upgrades and strategically sound changeover. 12MB

*Drives Technical Communications was awarded a 2019 APEX Award in the How-To Writing category for their design work on new quick setup procedures for Yaskawa's latest generation of AC drives.

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