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GA500 Drive Quick Setup Procedure and ON-SITE Videos

GA500 Drive Quick Setup Procedure and ON-SITE Videos

GA500 Drive Quick Setup Procedure

The step numbers in the table correspond to step numbers in Yaskawa document TOEPC71061769.

 Playlist Step/Description/Video Title
GA500 Quick Setup Procedure Playlist
Playlist supports specific procedures contained within the GA500 Quick Setup Procedure (No. TOEPC71061769)
STEP 5: Panel Mount the GA500 Drive
How to mount the drive to a panel.
(No. VP.GA500.05)
STEPS 6-13: Wire the GA500 Drive
How to wire main power and a motor to the drive.
(No. VP.GA500.06)
STEPS 10-12: Auto-Tune the GA500 Drive
This video shows how to correctly Auto-Tune the drive to the motor.
(No. VP.GA500.07)
STEP 13: Run Motor at Desired Speed from the GA500 Keypad
How to run the motor from the keypad at a desired speed.
(No. VP.GA500.08)
GA500 How-To Playlist
Additional playlist for all GA500 How-to videos that show how to maintain, program, adjust, and use the many features of the GA500 AC Drive.
GA500: How to View Modified Parameters
How to view the Modified Parameters on the drive keypad.
(No. VP.GA500.02)
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