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U1000 iQpump Configured

U1000 iQpump Configured

U1000 iQpump Configured - YAIALL


Keypads & Cables

U1000 iQpump Config - Options

This array of keypads and cables can extend the flexibility and adaptability of Yaskawa AC drives. These options may be factory installed or field installed.

Keypad Options

Digital Operator, LCD

This option is the standard digital operator found on all NEMA 3R enclosure doors. This option is only needed if the original keypad is lost or damaged.

Keypad Kit # & Mounting Location Manual
Mounts to RJ-45 keypad port


UOP000023 Kit Contents:
1 LCD digital operator display, 5 lines x 16 characters, backlit
1 Installation Manual (TOEPYAIP1W01)

USB Copy Unit (Y-Stick)

USB Copy UnitThis option allows allows the drive to connect to the USB port on a PC. It can read, copy and verify drive parameter settings from one drive to another like drive. This unit plugs into the RJ-45 port on the front of the digital operator.

Model Number & Mounting Location Installation Guide & Technical Manual
RJ-45 Keypad Port



JVOP-181 Kit Contents:
USB Copy Unit (Y-Stick)
1 ft USB Cable to connect PC to Y-Stick
3 ft Cable with RJ-45 connector on both ends to connect Y-Stick to drive
Technical Manual (TOBPC73060025)

Driver: SP1824_001
Note: This driver is required to be installed on the PC before the Y-stick can be used.

CopyUnitManager PC Software

CopyUnitManager is a PC software program that works along with the Y-Stick Copy Unit (JVOP-181) that allows the user to transfer and save parameter files from the Y-Stick to a PC and vice versa. The CopyUnitManager software can be used to save parameter files for a variety of drive sizes and parameter configurations. Simply configure the drive parameters, transfer them to the Y-Stick Copy Unit, then save them to your PC for backup or for quickly downloading multiple drives.

Download Software (5.9MB)

System Requirements

  • PC: PC/AT DOS/V Compatible machine
  • CPU: Pentium II Processor 2GHz, 3GHz or more recommended
  • Memory: 512MB, 1GB or more recommended
  • Hard Disk Capacity: More than 400MB
  • Operating System: WindowsXP SP2, Windows2000 SP4

Cable Options

Cables Model Number
Digital Operator Cable, Remote
These cables are used to connect the Remote LCD Digital Operator (JVOP-180) or Remote LED Operator (JVOP-182). They are available in one (1) or three (3) meter lengths.
(1 meter),
(3 meter)
PC Interface Cable
This 6-foot cable interconnects the drive keypad port to the 9-pin communication port on a PC. This cable is used in conjunction with DriveWizard Industrial software.
USB Interface Cable
This 10-foot male USB-A to male USB-B cable provides a USB-to-USB connection from PC to the drive.