SJME Junma

Specifications & Features


  • Junma servomotors have an integral 16 bit encoder and are available with an integral holding brake for reducing the number of components in your system.
  • Quick disconnect power and encoder cables provide plug and play connectivity from the Junma amp to the Junma motor.
  • All Junma motors are tested and documented with a matched servo amplifier or SERVOPACK. These combinations optimize the amp and the motor for high performance, low cost, and small size.
  • Junma servo motors provide 7 times the acceleration power than a stepper motor of comparable volume.


Time Rating: Continuous Insulation Resistance: 500VDC, 10MW minimum
Thermal Class: Class B Enclosure: Totally-enclosed, self-cooled IP55 (excluding shaft opening and connectors)
Vibration Class: 15mm or below Rated Speed1: 3000 RPM (for 200V models)3
Withstand Voltage: 1500 VAC for one minute Maximum Speed1: 5000 RPM (for 200V models)3

1These items and speed/torque characteristics quoted in combination with a SJDE servo amplifier are at an armature winding temperature of 100 °C. Other values are at 20 °C.
2The rated torques listed here are the values for the continuous allowable torque at 40 °C with an aluminium heatsink (250 mm × 250 mm × 6 mm) attached.
3Refer to the Speed/Torque Characteristics for rated speed and maximum speed for 100V models