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SGD7S EtherCAT with FSoE

SGD7S EtherCAT with FSoE




SGD7S EtherCAT FSoE - Software

This collection of PC software support tools can be used for the control and support of your Yaskawa servo product.

  • Advanced Safety Module Parameter Editor
    Easily accessible commissioning tool for the configuration of safety parameters.

In order to set up the Advanced Safety Module, the software tool "Advanced Safety Module Parameter Editor" is required. This certified editor is used to configure the safety functions running on the Sigma-7 Safety Option Module (SGD7S-OSB01A or SGD7S-OSB02A).

IMPORTANT: This software tool is designed to be used by a Safety Engineer or equivalently skilled person and is protected by a password. 

*In case the link above does not work, please send an email to with the subject "ASM7PW" and the content "Please send me a password for the Advanced Safety Module Parameter Editor!" 

NOTE: Your personal data will be stored by Yaskawa as part of the licensing process. By sending this email you agree that your email address will be stored for as long as you use the hardware, at the latest after the lifetime of the hardware has expired.

  • SigmaSelect
    Intuitive editor for entering data pertaining to application load, mechanical transmission, and move profile.
  • SigmaWin+ Ver. 7
    SigmaWin+ Ver. 7 makes the setup and tuning of Yaskawa SERVOPACKs quicker, simpler and more trouble-free.