SGD7S MP2600iec

Models & Ratings

100V Input

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7SR70FE0A000300 50W
SGD7SR90FE0A000300 100W
SGD7S2R1FE0A000300 200W
SGD7S2R8FE0A000300 400W

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200V Input

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7SR70AE0A000300 50W
SGD7SR90AE0A000300 100W
SGD7S1R6AE0A000300 200W
SGD7S2R8AE0A000300 400W
SGD7S3R8AE0A000300 500W
SGD7S5R5AE0A000300 750W
SGD7S7R6AE0A000300 1.0kW
SGD7S120AE0A000300 1.5kW
SGD7S180AE0A000300 2.0kW
SGD7S200AE0A000300 3.0kW
SGD7S330AE0A000300 5.0kW
SGD7S470AE0A000300 6.0kW
SGD7S550AE0A000300 7.5kW
SGD7S590AE0A000300 11kW
SGD7S780AE0A000300 15kW

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