E7E Drive Engineered

Models & Ratings

Starting with the basic E7 Drive, the E7C Configured Drive, E7L Drive Bypass (2 contactor) or the E7B Drive Bypass (3 contactor), custom-engineered packages can be provided to meet customer specifications. Custom Engineered packages require additional engineering time and are supported through custom engineered drawings and documentation. The E7E offers flexibility in providing the features and options demanded by facility designers.

See E7 for basic drive specifications, E7C for standard configurable specification and E7L or E7B for bypass specifications. The E7 is a variable torque AC drive, designed specifically for HVAC applications in building automation. A new benchmark for size, cost, performance, benefits, and quality. The E7 drive includes numerous built-in features such as Network Communications, H/O/A, PI control and energy-savings functions.