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DriveWizard Mobile with Yaskawa Drive Cloud

DriveWizard Mobile with Yaskawa Drive Cloud

DriveWizard Mobile HVAC - YAI


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DriveWizard Mobile

  • Convenient commissioning by programming without main power using only your smartphone
  • Setup, adjust, monitor and back-up, or diagnose Yaskawa’s latest generation AC drives with your mobile device
  • Easily navigate parameters
  • No need for manuals – built-in parameter descriptions
  • Search function for parameters, faults, and alarms
  • Motor Auto-tuning
  • Detailed alarm/fault descriptions and countermeasures
  • Connect by Bluetooth or USB (BT keypad or USB-on-the-go adapter and cable required)
  • Use the app offline without internet connection (after you download drive data)

Yaskawa Drive Cloud

  • Backup of settings locally or in the Yaskawa Drive Cloud
  • Access your files anywhere with internet
  • Instantly view and get updated manuals
  • Store job site information to retrieve later
  • A quick QR code scan can log drive nameplate data without the need for typing

Compatible AC Drives

  • GA800 and GA500 Drives for Industrial Applications
  • FP605 Drives for Industrial Fan & Pump Applications
  • HV600 Drives for HVAC Fan and Pump Applications