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DriveWizard Mobile with Yaskawa Drive Cloud

DriveWizard Mobile with Yaskawa Drive Cloud

DriveWizard Mobile Industrial- YAI


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DriveWizard Mobile Industrial - Get App or Learn More


The Yaskawa Drive Cloud Service

Using your personal account, you can record the installation information for each drive, which is useful for maintenance and management.

Save drive parameter settings and motor data and easily recover during troubleshooting or drive replacement.

Backed-up parameters are easily stored and retrieved anywhere there is internet. Alternately parameter settings can also be stored locally to your smartphone.


DriveWizard Mobile App

DriveWizard Mobile is an application for Android and iOS mobile devices. By scanning the QR code of the drive product, you can easily check product information such as model and software number, and quickly access parameter descriptions and troubleshooting information. By connecting to the drive, it is possible to edit parameters, run the drive, and monitor information in real time from your mobile device. You can quickly access the information you want during adjustment and maintenance, and shorten the adjustment time.