Item Description
CPU 200 MHz, 32 bit, ARM 9
Memory SDRAM 32 MB
SRAM 512 kB with battery backup
Flash 4 MB flash. Code and parameter storage.
Operator Interface LED 10 LEDs (red and green - operating mode, communication and error status)
User Configuration 6x DIP switch (operating mode and communication configuration)
User I/O Controller-Side (CN13) Network 2x 100baseTX Ethernet
Digital input 8 programmable inputs
Digital output 8 programmable outputs
Analog input 1ch., +/- 10V, 16 bit
Analog output 1ch., +/- 10V, 16 bit
Pulse counter RS-422-compatible pulse counter input (quadrature, pulse and direction, and up/down counter modes) with 5, 12, and 24V position latch inputs
Servo-Side (CN1) Sequence Input Allocated* Number of Input: 7 (1 registration input latches external encoder in 5 ┬Ás)
Functions: The signal allocation and positive/negative logic can be modified. Forward run prohibited (P-OT), reverse run prohibited (N-OT), forward torque limit (/P-CL), reverse torque limit (/N-CL), general-purpose input signal (/SI0 to SI6)
Sequence Output Fixed Servo Alarm (ALM)
Allocated* Number of Outputs: 3
Functions: The signal allocation and positive/negative logic can be modified. Positioning completion (/COIN), speed coincidence detection (/V-CMP), servomotor rotation detection (/TGON), servo ready (/S-RDY), torqu limit detection (/CLT), speed limit detection (/VLT), brake (/BK), warning (/WARN), near (/NEAR)
Network capability 2 Ethernet Ports (100 Mbps Autocrossover) OPC (Client and Server required)
Programming standards IEC61131/PLCopen
Diagnostic and configuration interface Web interface
Motion Control 1 controlled axis and 1 external encoder input plus virtual axis
Servo-Side Safety Functions Input /HWBB1, /HWBB2: Baseblock signal for power module
Output EDM1: Status monitor (fixed output) of built-in safety circuit