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MP3200iec - YAIMOB



MP3200iec - Overview

Communication Protocols

  • Open standards EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP for connectivity to many peripheral devices on the market.

Standard Programming Languages

  • IEC61131-3 means that programs are developed and executed with predictable behavior.

Programmable Amplifier Outputs

  • The controller can operate local Sigma-5 outputs. This reduces panel cost and space requirements when just a couple of outputs are necessary.

Controller-Centric Commissioning

  • The MECHATROLINK motion network provides a channel for configuring the machine from a single location with one software tool.

A Multitude of Options

  • Choose from eight option cards offered for the expansion slots to accommodate most machine requirements.

Remote I/O

  • Numerous third-party remote I/O modules such as Phoenix, Wago, and Opto 22 can be interfaced with the system via MECHATROLINK and Ethernet.

Web Server

  • A built-in web server offers standard controller diagnostic information eliminating the need for special software for maintenance personnel

RS-274 G-code available with all Yaskawa kinematic libraries

  • 4 degrees of freedom (MP3300iec-ER and 5-Axis Simultaneous Control Toolbox required for full 6 degrees of freedom)
  • Linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and tangent following
  • Work coordinate system offset and tool offset
  • Pause, continue and feed-rate override