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MP3200iec - YAIMOB


System Components

MP3200iec - Options

Complete your machine controller by adding option modules, accessories, and software development environments listed here.

Download MPiec Hardware Manual (Doc# YAI-SIA-IEC-5)

MP3200iec Controller CPU

Part Number Description
PMC-U-MP32004 4 axis, no option module
PMC-U-MP32008 8 axis, no option module
PMC-U-MP32016 16 axis, no option module
PMC-U-MP32032 32 axis, no option module
PMC-U-MP32062 62 axis, no option module

Power Supply

Part Number Description
JEPMC-PSA3012-E 100-200VAC Input

Base Unit Rack

Part Number Description
JEPMC-BUB3005-E 5 Slot
JEPMC-BUB3008-E 8 Slot


Part Number Description
JEPMC-OP3005 Replacement Battery
JEPMC-OP2300 Option Slot Cover
JEPMC-OP3001-E Replacement Power Supply Side Cover

I/O Option Cards

Part Number Description
JAPMC-AN2300 Analog Inputs (AI-01)
JAPMC-AN2310 Analog Outputs (AO-01)
JAPMC-DO2300 Digital Output Module (DO-01)
JAPMC-IO2300-E Digital I/O Module (LIO-01)
JAPMC-IO2301-E Digital I/O Module (LIO-02)
JAPMC-IO2303 Digital I/O Module (LIO-04)
JAPMC-IO2304 Digital I/O Module (LIO-05)
JAPMC-IO2305-E Multi-Function I/O Module (LIO-06)

Mechatrolink--III Cables

Part Number Description
JEPMC-W6012-A2-E 0.2m
JEPMC-W6012-A5-E 0.5m
JEPMC-W6012-01-E 1.0m
JEPMC-W6012-02-E 2.0m
JEPMC-W6012-03-E 3.0m
JEPMC-W6012-04-E 4.0m
JEPMC-W6012-05-E 5.0m

Mechatrolink-III Network Accessories

Part Number Description
JEPMC-MT2000-E Hub, 8 Slave Ports
JEPMC-MT2020-E Adaptor, Ethernet to Mechatrolink
JEPMC-MTD2310-E I/O Module; 61 In 64 Out
JEPMC-MTA2900-E Analog Module; 8 In
JEPMC-MTA2910-E Analog Module; 4 Out