Common-bus power configuration allows the amplifier to capture regenerative power, decreasing total energy use. Plug-and-play MECHATROLINK-III functionality means fast 1000 Mbps network communication, plus the ability to control up to 62 network slaves. Bandwidth of 3.1kHz improves cycle times and minimizes settling time, significantly improving system productivity.

Yaskawa’s advanced set of servo tuning algorithms assure world class vibration suppression, removal of ripple and friction effects, improved autotuning, and tuning-less commissioning right out of the box.


  • Industry-leading 3.1kHz bandwidth significantly improves settling time.
  • “Green” regen power capability reduces total energy consumed
  • Tuning-less capability reliably tunes servo system with no user adjustment needed.
  • Powerful package of tuning functions includes compensation for machine inertia, vibration, ripples, friction.
  • Maintains tuning accuracy despite inertia changes up to 30:1
  • IEC 61508 SIL3 safety certification
  • Improved filtering minimizes inaccuracies due to electrical interference, machine resonance, and mechanical vibration
  • Completely compatible with Yaskawa’s MPiec series of machine controllers