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SGMCS Direct Drive

SGMCS Direct Drive

SGMCS Direct Drive - Sigma-5 - YAIMOB



SGMCS Direct Drive - Overview

Direct Drive Technology

  • Direct connection to load increases torsional stiffness
  • Improved positioning accuracy
  • Backlash free operation
  • Highly dynamic load reversals without damaging components
  • No maintenance for lubrication

High Performance

  • High torque operation is realized without gears
  • Peak torques up to 5310 lb-in (600Nm)
  • Maximum speeds up to 500 rpm

High-Resolution Serial Encoder

  • 1,048,576 ppr absolute encoder standard1
  • Amplifier automatically recognizes the motor and optimizes parameters
  • Error checking eliminates lost motion from electrical noise

Application Emphasis

  • Dial Tables
  • Transfer Lines
  • Die Actuators
  • Electronic Parts Assembly
  • Print Registration


  • Totally enclosed, self cooled IP42

Certified International Standards

  • UL, cUL recognized (File #: E165827), CE compliance

1 ppr is the resolution in pulses per revolution as seen by the controller (post quadrature)