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SGD7S Analog

SGD7S Analog



Built-in Indexer

SGD7S Analog - Options

Positioning without a motion controller

The FT79 built-in indexer option for Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS delivers precise, high-speed positioning simply by entering position, speed and other data into the program table of the SigmaWin+ configuration tool. No extra software to learn or motion controllers to buy.

  • Provided positioning functions: ZONE signal outputs, jog speed table, origin returns and more
  • Positioning starts with a simple start command from the host controller
  • Common applications: point-to-point positioning, fixed point positioning, station positioning (indexing), feeding
  • Available positioning commands include:
    • POS/SPD/ACC/DEC commands- an operating pattern is set up by entering target positions, positioning speeds, accelerations and decelerations
    • RDST/RSPD commands- external signals can be used to control positioning (registration)
    • Event commands- conditions can be set to determine the completion of a program step