SGD7S Analog

Models & Ratings

100V Input (24-bit encoder)

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-R70F00A 50W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-R90F00A 100W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-2R1F00A 200W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-2R8F00A 400W Analog/Pulse

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200V Input (24-bit encoder)

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-R70A00A 50W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-R90A00A 100W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-1R6A00A 200W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-2R8A00A 400W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-3R8A00A 500W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-5R5A00A 750W Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-7R6A00A 1.0kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-120A00A 1.5kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-180A00A 2.0kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-200A00A 3.0kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-330A00A 5.0kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-470A00A 6.0kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-550A00A 7.5kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-590A00A 11kW Analog/Pulse
SGD7S-780A00A 15kW Analog/Pulse

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