G7 Drive

Keypads & Cables


Keypad Options Keypad Kit # & Mounting Location Installation Guide
UL Rated Remote Operator Kits
This option is used to extend the existing Digital Operator to the wall of a separately priced, oversized UL Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X, or 12 enclosure (IPX6 environment). Includes a faceplate bezel with digital operator carrier and membrane to cover the operator cutout in the enclosure door, a 3-foot cable, a 10-foot cable, and a 1:1 template for cutting the necessary cutouts in the enclosure. Keypad can be removed after kit installation.
UUX000458 (Blank Membrane)
Mounts to keypad port and enclosure door.
UUX000459 (Yaskawa Logo Membrane)
Mounts to keypad port and enclosure door.


Cables Model Number
PC Interface Cable
This 6 foot cable interconnects the drive keypad port to the 9-pin communications port on a PC. This cable is used in conjunction with DriveWizard software.