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iQpump Micro

iQpump Micro

iQpump Micro - YAIALL



iQpump Micro - Software

This collection of PC software support tools can be used for uploading and downloading drive parameters, calculating energy savings, creating application programs by arranging function block icons, as a programming simulator, or identifying how to reduce your operating costs and meet the harmonics compliance requirements.

  • DriveWizard iQpump
    Each iQpump1000 drive is shipped with a PC SCADA package (DriveWizard iQpump) which allows the user and or start up technicians to perform such functions as programming, system trending, status readout and monitoring of pump system performance.
  • Energy Savings Predictor
    The Yaskawa Energy Savings Predictor (ESP) software includes a fully customizable Carbon Footprint / Emissions Calculation Module that includes CO2 Emissions Graphs and shows the immediate CO2 savings when using a Yaskawa drive versus a conventional flow control method.
  • iQpump Application Simulator
    The iQpump Application Simulator was designed to simulate typical pump applications using the iQpump1000 drive. Select from six commonly used pumping applications ranging from simplex to triplex.
  • Harmonics Estimator
    The software is fully optimized including a navigation and project management module that allows you to create projects containing multiple systems (6, 12 and 18 pulse) of different sizes.